Three short films that were made in one day as part of Very Bad Film School, a one day film challenge by Da Huang Pictures.

This challenge was set up by Malaysian filmmaker James Lee on the 20th of June 2015. Films edited by Nadira Ilana.


Challenge 1: Experimental video using only stills.

Music: David Shrigley's 'Don't Not'. Pictures from the Internet. I do not own the rights to the music or photos.


Challenge 2: Cut a film trailer within 2 hours!

Nadira's trailer cut of Michael Roskam's 'The Drop' (2014) starring Tom Hardy and the legendary James Gandolfini.


Challenge 3: Cut a short film together from three feature films within four hours.

'Mysterious Earthly Harmonies'
A dreamy sci-fi romance using excerpts from Apichatpong Weeraseethakul's 'Mysterious Object at Noon', Béla Tarr's 'Werckmeister Harmonies' and Mike Cahill's 'Another Earth'.